Raspbian safemode

Если что-то сломал в скриптах и малинка не хочет работать — можно загрузиться в безопасном режиме и все исправить

  1. Unplug and take the card out
  2. Mount it on a computer
  3. Open the drive, edit the cmdline.txt file and add » init=/bin/bash» at the end of the existing command. Note: the space before init is required.


  1. Unmount the card, put it back in your pi, and boot up. For me, the availability of a command line was not apparent until I pressed Enter on the keyboard.
  2. You will likely find that the card is not writable.

You can remount it as readable/writable by doing (adjust the device name if necessary):

  1. Track down that boo boo, exit the bash session, and unplug the pi
  2. Remount the card on your computer and remove » init=/bin/bash» from cmdline.txt and hopefully voila! Lather, rinse, and repeat if necessary.


Взято с https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/61638/how-do-i-start-up-in-safemode


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